Amazon’s new all-you-can-eat plan to devour the book business –

It’s hard to see from here, but the outcome of this will cost someone something. Will it be in creator royalties, like the Spotify / Pandora model? Will authors avoid or increase their books on Amazon through CreateSpace? What will happen to the relationship between Ingram and Amazon? One thing is for sure, this is not a purely given “gift” to consumers.

Amazon’s new all-you-can-eat plan to devour the book business –

On building a “tribe”

Seth Goddin’s blog today references the difference between two forms of building an audience. My generation calls this “community.” The internet generation calls this a “tribe.” Problem is, in the translation this has included new media marketing — and we all know that internet marketing is fast, furious, and urgent. Seth sorts this back out. Isn’t he saying we need to focus on building community?

Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images

This is wonderful news.

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Earlier today, Getty Images announced a new embed feature that will allow people to access and share photos from its extensive library of images for non-commercial purposes. We have been working with Getty Images over the past few weeks and are excited to bring this feature to!

Embedding images at the speed of a shutter

Imagery is a powerful way to communicate your ideas. Whether you want to profile a famous personality or share your passion for soccer, you can now do so with Getty Images’ photography. With this new embed feature, users can access one of the world’s largest digital archives in a simple and — just as important — legal way.

To embed an image, you can grab the embed code directly from the Getty Images website. Just hover over the image, and click on the embed icon “</>”:

Getty Embed SS

Next, copy the embed code into…

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