Doing Good Work for the People Who Do Good Works … Since 1985

Established in 1985 with one mission — to provide high quality publication design services to non-profit organizations at a reasonable price. We are proud to have been active supporters of this community and state through our in-kind donations for over 20 years of service. Publications Unltd has been the recipient of the Governor’s Award and the Wake County Commissioners’ Award for Community Service.
We also have received some really nice thank you notes.

After many requests, this year we added a small press division to further utilize our innovative publishing solutions to serve you.

The types of work we have enjoyed doing, lo these many years, include: 

Graphic design and production of publications:
books, quarterlies, reports, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, educational resources, identity.

Technical illustration, biological illustration:
science books, laboratory manuals, trial displays

Printing and production,
publication management,
publishing consultations and solutions

Design and production of logos, computer graphics

Editorial Services: writing, editing, proofreading

Recently we have enjoyed producing Church histories, Poetry books, Textbooks, Music books, Family Histories, and Spiritual Devotionals.