What is so unlimited about your publications?

Good question. When we chose that name in 1985, we were indicating that we were unlimited in what type of publications we could produce using our Macintosh, LaserWriter, and Aldus PageMaker software. 

Unlimited we were in what we would try. We built our own cables to connect to word processing systems and download the text for entire books. (Anyone need cables to connect with the TRS-80, IBM, or CPT systems?) We moved to modem transfer when that became available. Yes, there was time before modems.

We figured out how to make PageMaker 1.0 work to produce long documents. About 2 years after we composed our first 3 books, Aldus announced that PageMaker could do books. We were happy with this development — now we could edit and move tabs in our files, rather than edit and reimport Word 1.0 files. 

That is called a work-around, and we specialize in finding those when we bump into the limits of software — computers don’t know everything.

Twenty-six years later, it still means we will find the solution to your publishing needs using all the resources available, and there is nothing limited about that.

If you are so resourceful, where is the razzle-dazzle?

In our projects. We work on deadlines. Getting the latest project to the printer is always a higher priority than building a fresher website. But people are always asking for more information about our services, so it is equally important to post information. Clear and timely information is often more important than dazzling design.

We use WordPress because it is simply the best thing going, especially for our author’s needs. Our site demonstrates some of these capabilities.

So, what exactly do you do at PU?

That’s easy, we do everything it takes to get our clients’ publications in print. We do not have a one-size fits all plan. Every project is different and we assess that before we make recommendations. 

Our services include graphic design, page production, cover design, and prepress preparation of files for printing. 

We also consult with people and organizations who wish to publish their work. We recommend various paths, manage that process, and help bring it to successful completion. We do the printing research, interpretation, technical talk, and driving of this unique process, so you do not have to.

We have worked with public policy and non-profit organizations creating newsletters, annual reports, major reports, and books. These publications are available in multiple formats as well as print. We have worked all night getting data tables just so.

We have worked with churches to produce their histories, and get these printed and delivered in time for the big meeting. We have designed and produced materials for capital campaigns. We have created spiritual guides, poetry, and prayer books. They are heaven-sent.

We have worked with professors and scientists who are involved in publishing various aspects of their work. From typesetting poetry, to setting type in Sanskrit, to drawing chemical structures, to illustrating insect reproductive systems, our attention to detail is the ticket to your satisfaction with our work. 

One client announced that she would not be coming in as long at that [descriptive biological term deleted] eel was still on the drawing board. It is gone now, btw.

Do you speak Print?

We do. The principal at PU is a 4th generation print person — the daughter of a printer, who was one of many sons in a newspaper family — his parents bought the paper they worked for from his father. Uncles include a typographer, reporter, commercial artist, and copy editor; grandparents were the editor and publisher respectively of a small town weekly, the editor herself was the first woman president of the Ga Press Association. There is a printing gene.

We have worked with publishers, even producing books that include foreign languages and musical notations. At the same time.

And one other thing, we have access to the resources that you are looking for. Our work is about connecting the dots to realize the concept you are visualizing in your mind’s eye. If you can dream it, we can help you turn it into a book.

Does this cost money?

Yes it does. As much as we have tried to eliminate cost from the equation, the world just does not work that way. Money is certainly better than an arm and a leg.

How much money?

Well, that is where it gets tricky. We do have some publishing packages to choose from for some projects, others will require a custom quotation.

How much money??

You can have your work published for the price of a used car. That would be from $600 to $20,000. Sorry, we don’t carry Jaguars.

Where is Publications Unltd?

Our world headquarters are centrally located in Raleigh, NC. We have worked with people locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We are part of the world-wide web.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, you may contact us here.