Doing Good Work for the People Who Do Good Works … Since 1985

For the past 32 years, we have been fortunate to work with interesting people on projects that matter — advocates, scholars and publishers in NC and beyond have asked us to design and produce their books. Publications Unltd was one of the first shops in the Research Triangle area to offer desktop publishing services to the nonprofit community, and today we continue this tradition and offer our aesthetic and technological expertise to the greater community. We strive to create books that evoke the traditional feel and quality of the well crafted printed page.

If you have a book within your sights, we have a way to get there. We know that in order to help you communicate, we listen. We will explore your ideas, your needs, your dreams — so we can find the right path for you.

Let us help you navigate to your destination, a professionally published book.

August 1, 2010: We have just completed our move to our new location. We are proud to be part of the historic Ligon Building on the edge of the Brooklyn neighborhood, and to be sharing space with Karen Tam Photography. Looking forward to welcoming you to our new offices.