Paul Krugman: Amazon Has Too Much Power

From Publisher’s Weekly comes this:

Amazon’s ongoing dispute with the Hachette Book group over e-book sales terms seems to have turned into a litmus test on publishing in the digital era. It has also shone a brighter-than-usual light on Amazon itself, prompting a number of stories questioning the company’s size, and approach to doing business. Now New York Times columnist and Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has waded into the battle, declaring without reservation that Amazon “has too much power” and that the company “uses that power in ways that hurt America.”

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Paul Krugman: Amazon Has Too Much Power.

Amazon’s new all-you-can-eat plan to devour the book business –

It’s hard to see from here, but the outcome of this will cost someone something. Will it be in creator royalties, like the Spotify / Pandora model? Will authors avoid or increase their books on Amazon through CreateSpace? What will happen to the relationship between Ingram and Amazon? One thing is for sure, this is not a purely given “gift” to consumers.

Amazon’s new all-you-can-eat plan to devour the book business –

On building a “tribe”

Seth Goddin’s blog today references the difference between two forms of building an audience. My generation calls this “community.” The internet generation calls this a “tribe.” Problem is, in the translation this has included new media marketing — and we all know that internet marketing is fast, furious, and urgent. Seth sorts this back out. Isn’t he saying we need to focus on building community?